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With over 6 years of training experience, Courtney can help YOU learn to love fitness, believe in yourself, trust the process, and CHANGE!
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Personal Training
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Online Training
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One Month Custom Training Plan $75
*Revised weekly based on feedback provided by you!

Skype Personal Training Sessions $25/hr
*Take me to the gym with you via video chat. We’ll chat on and off during your session so I can watch sets live and give feedback.

Personal Training Sessions $50/hr
*These sessions take place at your home gym or training facility. Travel charges & day pass fees may apply.

Fat Loss Coaching

One Month Custom Plans:  (CURRENTLY FULL!)
Weekly check-ins, text support, surprise check-ins and accountability. Please use the form below to apply for my waiting list. I’d love to have you in my boot camp!

Personally I do not believe there is only one fat loss method. Different bodies have different needs. You’ll receive a custom PDF with 2-4 options (including my recommendation), then together we’ll pick the one that FITS YOUR LIFE & You can sustain!

Some of the methods you’ll see from me:
1. The Bank Account Method: Simply count calories and hit a protein goal.

2. Carb Cycling: a mix of high/low/medium days, based around your macros.

3. Intermittent Fasting: The most commonly used approach is 16/8. 16hr fasting period followed by 2-3 larger meals in your 8hr window. Custom macros provided.

4. IF+CC: Taking my two favourite approaches and layering them together for great results.

Are YOU Ready to BELIEVE?

Transform with a training plan that makes you excited to tackle each day.

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